Client Homepage Message - New / Edit / Delete

What is the Current Message to Clients?

You can enter text (i.e. no images) that will be displayed to all clients in your organization when they log on to (the client and volunteer interface). Text can include news and information as well as links to other websites and/or documents.

In an enterprise, enterprise administrators can enter news that will be displayed to clients in all organizations within the enterprise.

Add New / Edit

  1. Go to: Main >> Home
  2. In the “Your Current Client Message” section, click the “Edit” button
  3. Enter and format any text, as desired
  4. Click the [Save] button


While entering or editing Your Current Client Message, you can check the “Show this message to accepted clients only” box to ensure that only your clients with a status of “Accepted” will see the message.

Enter your keywords and press Enter.