Version 4.13.0

Client Application Form

The Focus of the Release

  • Separate Client Application Form
    • You can now create a separate application form to be filled out by your clients, and configure what happens when they sign up.
    • Custom fields can be set to display (with a value optionally being required) on the Client Application Form.
    • Administrators can also choose whether or not to be notified for “New client applications”.

Client Date Joined

  • View, edit and search by the date a client joined your organization

    • The new “Client Date Joined” field is available when creating new client profiles and when viewing / editing them. This is also a new option in your organization’s Search Criteria. You’ll be able to control who can search by Client Date Joined in a Limited Admin Role.
    • The “Client Date Joined” and “DateOfLastClientStatusChange” columns are now part of your organization’s Personal Profile Export. These two columns are also part of your enterprise’s Profile Association Export. Additionally, the “Client Date Joined” column is also part of your enterprise’s Personal Profile Export.

Your Current Client Message

  • Enter custom text to display to your clients when they log on to their profile
    • Organization and enterprise administrators can now specify the text that will appear on the home page for your clients. You’ll be able to control who can enter this text in a Limited Admin Role. An enterprise level menu option enables you to see the “Messages to Clients” across your organizations.
    • You can also enter a “Personal Message” to a specific client by editing their profile and entering it in the “Personal Message” field in their “Communications” tab.

Client Statuses

  • Manage your clients by status and see when the status was last changed

    • Applicant and In Process client numbers on your home page are now linked to new menu options enabling you to manage your Applicant and In Process clients.
    • At the enterprise level, there is a new menu option enabling you to see the “Client Statuses” across your organizations.
    • When viewing or editing a profile, a new field, “Last Changed”, will display the date a client’s status was last changed (if it has been changed).
    • Administrators can also choose whether or not to be notified for “Client status changes”.

Configuration Settings

  • Configuration Settings
    • Administrators can define the visibility of their associated volunteers’ information (volunteer name, volunteer photo) to the client.
    • Custom text can be entered in a “Connected Clients Form Header” to control what the volunteer sees over their “Connected Clients” section.
    • Custom text can be entered in a “Connected Volunteers Form Header” to control what the client sees over their “Connected Volunteers” section.

Client Memberships (Enterprise)

  • Client Memberships
    • When editing a client profile at the enterprise level, a person’s Client Memberships (i.e. the organizations in which they are a client) will display in the “Organizations” tab of the profile.

Home Page Information (Enterprise)

  • Home Page Information
    • A “Client” tab will display at the enterprise level if there is information to show about Applicant / In Process client profiles, Custom Field approvals and/or upcoming birthdays for clients in your enterprise’s organizations.


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