Assigning a Volunteer to an Activity with Their Client

Assign a Volunteer to an Activity

  1. Search for and edit the desired volunteer’s profile
  2. Open the “Assign” tab
  3. In the “Filter Activities” section, check the box “Only include activities that are associated with this volunteer’s clients”
  4. Optionally, select any other filters desired
  5. Click the [Filter Activities] button
  6. Click on the link to the desired activity and assign the volunteer to the desired shift(s). If this is an unscheduled or seasonal activity, you’ll only need to check the “Signed Up” box then click the [Save] button.


There is no filter in the Assign menu options (From Unscheduled List, From Scheduled List) to show only activities that are associated with clients. If you want to be sure you are only assigning the volunteer to activities associated with their clients, you’ll need to assign them within their profile.

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