Add a Client

Add a New Client

  1. Go to: People >> Clients >> Add a Client
  2. Fill in the fields in the “Contact Information” section. Mandatory fields are indicated with a flag. Usernames (not case sensitive) and passwords (case sensitive) must be at least 6 characters in length.
  3. In the “Settings” section, go to the Client module area and select the client’s status (Applicant, In Process, Accepted, Inactive, Archived) from the drop-list.
  4. Enter the client’s date joined value. The default is the date you are creating the profile.
  5. Click the [Add a Client] button
  6. Continue, by adding other information to the client’s profile (Custom Fields, Connections)

Custom Fields

If you have created Custom Fields for your Client profiles in the Client Module, click the Custom Fields tab to fill in those fields.

Connections to Volunteers

In the “Connections” tab of a client’s profile, you will see three sections:

  • Notes for Volunteer: Enter any “Notes” and click [Save]. These notes will be visible to any volunteer who is associated with this client.
  • Associated Volunteers: This tab enables you to associate a volunteer with this client or to remove an association.  Any activities that are associated with this client and a summary of total hours logged for the activities are also displayed.
  • Hours and Feedback: This tab contains detailed listing of hours and feedback logged for activities associated with this client.

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