News in the Volunteer Portal

Shared by Janet Smith and the team at Example City Museum

This is just a basic and fictitious example of what a Better Impact Buddy Gallery Page might look like.

If you would like to include one in your Better Impact Buddy profile, we’ll put yours together based on whatever you want to share about how you use the software.


We found that volunteers were unsubscribing to our newsletter emails so we began publishing our news in the news sections in the portal. Some news articles are published on the public page so that prospective volunteers can see them, and some are only published such that volunteers have to log in, and must have an accepted status to see them.

We let the stories remain there for two months, and then they come down as new ones are added. We choose to use the scroll bar within the newsletter because the length of the page becomes so long. It still is a very long page on a mobile phone, but scrolling on a phone seems so natural it works great.

Through trial and error, we found that pictures saved at 500 pixels wide work best.

Some of the posts on our revolving newsletter are event video now. We have a volunteer who shoots them for us, and uploads them to Youtube, and then we simply insert a link to them in the news article.

The next thing we are considering trying is asking volunteers to submit their stories about volunteering along with a picture or video if applicable, and then we’ll have more content to add on a regular basis.


Volunteer Portal Opening Page

… and then when the volunteer scrolls down in the new section…

… and scrolls a little more…

…and more…

… etc. etc. etc